I am Vida

I deeply care about being authentic, fully present, tapping into inspiration that kindles our spirit into action, and infuses life with purpose and passion.

Whether I am coaching, mentoring, guiding rituals, holding sacred circles, facilitating, writing, talking, cleaning, or playing with the grandkids, I care.

 For over 25 years, I have passionately created sacred spaces, retreats and opportunities for soul-stirring experiences that expand conscious awareness and ignite inspiration

The moment you awaken your awareness
is the moment you acquire your life.
No need to sacrifice your inner harmony
for outer achievement.

you can have both.

I have experienced moments when all that was safe and sacred vanished, and I found myself trapped in a harsh and unforgiving reality.

After many years of study, learning, guiding, facilitating, and coaching. I know that my talent in holding space is the alchemy of this work. These soul-stirring experiences activate and align our mental, emotional, physical, intuitive, and spiritual intelligence. This holistic approach invites profound insight and transformation that empowers each woman to embrace her true essence, awaken her inner wisdom,  claim her authentic being and foster a sisterhood of belonging and support.

My stirring is a carefully orchestrated blend of ancient wisdom practices, mindfulness and contemporary behavioural techniques that change our fundamental relationship with self, others and the world in which we live.

to now

I have spent many years holding space, guiding professionals, influencers, creatives, techies, dancers, tradies, mums, dads

and others to turn inward, release their shackles and amplify their greatness.

In my love for meaningful contributions, I have found richness in sharing my gifts and talents with others.

Whether in a volunteer role as a Mindfulness Facilitator at Dress for Success or the innovator of Wednesday Tasters– Sampler for the Soul. This elixir of conscious events is by donation only, making them accessible to many and hosted at my urban sanctuary, Inspiration Space -a place to be.

What They Say

I am successful because what I do transforms lives.

I believe it is essential to love who you are, what you do and why you
do it, if you want to successfully live a divine, glorious fulfilling life.

Personal Vida

I love my name, it’s Spanish for life, and I love life. 

I see myself as a truth-teller with a big heart; I am a seeker of wisdom and a lover of sacred space, mindfulness, and ritual.

 I love grandchildren, big family, sounds of laughter, open hearts, children playing, loving relationships, Inspiration, authenticity, spontaneous moments, bright colours, good coffee, reckless dancing, stillness, living deliberately, sacred space, nature, ritual, mindfulness, sunshine, good wine and paying forward.

 I am good at holding space, breathing, making the complicated simple, facilitating events, cooking, mindfulness, accountability, inspiring others, connecting dots, being calm and crazy, seeing behind the eyes, diving deep, sharing my tears, loving the good stuff, listening, transforming, taking action, being me and loving wholeheartedly.

I am not good at following instructions or recipes, putting work before family, social media, selling, routine, gossip, drawing straight lines, running, and listening to the news. 


Enjoy some soul-stirring, heart-nurturing, mind-opening, spirit-lifting, life-altering, wildly useful insights. I also include updates on events. No Spam ever.

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