I want to share with you why I chose a spiral for my logo.  

The truth is, my attention is drawn to the shape. It intrigues me. I love seeing it in nature, and sometimes I feel like my life is a spiral spinning clockwise and then anti-clockwise. 

The spiral depicts my never-ending journey of change and growth as I flow between my soul-stirring, intuitive inner world, and my rational, cognitive, material outer world. It is a dance I play as an evolving human being. 

In a more traditional sense, spirals are some of the oldest geometric shapes in ancient artwork dating back to the Neolithic period. They have existed across many cultures and has been reflected in ritual, art, dance, magic, witchcraft, dragon lore, mysticism, and shamanism. 

It is an ancient symbol that radiates cosmic energy and is a transmission of energy for the natural world. The spiral shape is commonly found in nature, whirlpools, new ferns, plants, tendrils of vines, shells, rock formations and in the double helix structure of the DNA molecules. 

Spirals are viewed in many cultures as a feminine symbol of consciousness. They represent life, creation, birth, rebirth, fertility, lifecycles, evolution, awareness, consciousness, intuition, and growth. 

The spiral emanates from the original point moving farther away as it revolves around the central point. Sometimes we are served by a movement inward, a descent into the realms of our inner knowing and other times, a movement outward, an ascent of awakening or perhaps, at times, a movement in both directions simultaneously. 

I chose this ancient powerful symbol to symbolise my calling to hold space and offer soul-stirring, heart-warming and mind-calming experiences that alter consciousness. I also love the spiral as a reflection of my journey of growth and awakening. 

Next time you are in nature have a look and see how many spirals you can find.  


Love, Light and Joy.