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Offerings transform lives.

For individuals who want to feel great while accomplishing big things, we curate a wide variety of soul-stirring experiences that transform the relationship you have with self, others and the planet. Inspiration knows no bounds; it sparks limitless potential, enabling the extraordinary to become reality. Enjoy our offerings.

Sacred Circle

It’s extraordinary, and it’s happening everywhere.

Sacred circles have gone mainstream, People across the globe are gathering and accessing their inspiration whilst reclaiming their intuitive wisdom. Over many years I have held and guided countless circles, and I am always humbled by the profound insight and transformation that prevails. It is extraordinary, so returning attendees often explained it as “a coming home to self”.

Unfortunately, many of us have had no alternative but to hide and deny our deepest desires wants, and dreams to fulfil the many demands we face in everyday life. In doing so, we sacrifice, without knowing it, our ability to feel fully whole.

This welcoming space beckons those who yearn to step into the full spectrum of their being, not just through intellectual cognition but through a profound, tangible embodiment of living life in its most vibrant form.

The sacred circle represents an evolutionary pathway towards connection that creates paradigm shifts and provides a safe space for embracing risk, releasing shadows, and claiming dreams.

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living or what gender you prefer. It doesn’t matter how successful you are or how many degrees you have. When we are present, witnessed, heard, and held, insecurities, wounds, jealousies, and competition dissolves, authentic connections rise, and deep friendships are cultivated.

Being in a sacred circle brings wisdom to life. 

What is a Sacred Circle

Sacred Circle is a safe, respectful space of ritual that draws attention inward. It is a space beyond the separation of labels, identities, habits, and conditioning, where the armour drops and our vulnerable, strong qualities come to the surface, bringing a conscious connection to what makes us fully alive and part of the greater collective. The circle is a primal image representing wholeness and totality and reminding us we are not alone. We sit facing each other as equals, looking inward, reflecting the truth, bearing witness and being gatekeepers of lived experiences.

What happens

The busy life is parked outside the circle as we descend into a welcoming presence. We sit together, meeting each other as we are in the ever-changing moment. Each viewpoint, experience, and voice is held with tremendous respect, free of judgment or the need to nurture, change or fix. This space has no feedback, teaching or advice; we all meet as equals.

This essential way of deep listening and truth-speaking invokes safety, trust and healing. Speaking in this way dilutes any distractions and is both powerful and courageous.

Each person brings their particular way of being, their unique thread, and when these threads are weaved with presence, the natural flow of the circle is formed, and wisdom rises.

We Offer

We provide diverse sacred circles designed to honour and celebrate significant transitional moments or special occasions. Some circles are rooted in rich ritual traditions, while the changing seasons, solstices, and equinoxes inspire others. Please refer to our event calendar to learn more about our upcoming events. If you have a specific interest or request, feel free to reach out, we are happy to help.


Courageous conversations are the opposite of everyday small talk because they are big talk with big energy and big meaning. None of this playing small, avoiding, people-pleasing or being silent. Your voice matters. So, let's have a conversation that expands awareness, opens hearts, brings understanding, and connection to the surface.

Women’s Retreat

Women's retreats bring women from all works of life together in beautiful ritual spaces to experience the fullness of being a woman beyond the confines of labels, status, competition, comparison, conformity, and busyness.


Women’s Wisdom is a powerful right of passage that marks transitions and activates the wise instinctual women’s freedom. Women’s Wisdom is an essential rite of passage for the evolving woman; not for some women; it is for all women.


Live Awake, Live Fully! A woman has a soul need to fully experience her divine, vital self. You probably know a woman who has let her spark fade to keep the peace, play it safe, belong, achieve and in doing so settled for less than what she deserves.

Chats Cheese and Wine

If you want to share more deeply with other business and professional women, Chats, Cheese, and Wine could be for you. These lively gatherings are a joyous collaboration between myself, Business Women Australia and Inspiration Space.

This approach to social engagement encourages conscious and uncharted discussions, igniting moments of impact and fostering deep connections as we share perspectives, challenge preconceived notions, and explore together.

Unlike many surface-level conversations that follow a linear path and sugar-coat the truth. Chats, Cheese and Wine, embrace truth sharing and courageous conversations, allowing the women to freely express their thoughts, share their experiences, and voice their challenges without fear of judgement or bias. This is a space where authenticity takes precedence, individuality is celebrated, and every voice is heard, valued, and respected.

Join this lively diverse group of business and professional women at Chats, Cheese and wine. Please refer to our event calendar to learn more about our upcoming events.

Inspired Coaching

A Beacon of Truth – Be your Inspiration

For over 25 years, I have guided, held space, facilitated, and coached countless women to realise we are the creators of our reality, whether we know it or not. The thoughts we nurture, the language we employ to narrate our experiences, the places we focus our attention and the actions we take daily weave together and shape our lives.

My task is to guide you to tap into your inspiration and achieve your audacious dreams, consciously shaping your future as you move towards a life that truly resonates with your passions and values.

It’s about being aware, knowing the truth, letting go, rewriting outdated stories, and touching your strengths, values, passions, and resources whilst unlocking layers of hidden potential.

 If this resonates with you and you want to uncover the hidden stoppers, tap into your 23ll or possibilities. Then I may be the coach for you. 

My Coaching is about mental, emotional, physical, intuitive, and spiritual evolution. I guide you to liberate yourself from unwanted negative aspects and amplify your greatness.

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