Women’s Wisdom

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Women's Wisdom Retreat is an essential rite of passage for the evolving woman it's not for some women; it is for all women.

Many women struggle to own their feminine power, embrace their potential and reach levels of joy and fulfilment they yearn for.

That is why Women’s Wisdom is one of the greatest revolutions.

A woman’s soul is her spark
When our intellect dominates our lives and we get stuck in our heads, we tend to drown in continuous thought. Our attention is focused on our outer life, whilst on the inside, we feel discontent, anxious, confused, ungrounded and disconnected from our true self.

Your outside world can look great, and you can be grateful for your many blessings and still feel separation, stress, and loneliness on the inside.

are you listening? can you hear her?

Do you ever get the feeling that even though you are in a good place, something is missing? It’s hard to articulate; it doesn’t necessarily make sense and yet you know in your heart it’s true?

If so, are you aware that you have a significant role to play in owning your wisdom, achieving your audacious goals and consciously designing a future you love. 

Like many evolving women, you may feel contained, stretched, confused by societies conflicting messages on what it means to be a powerful, modern woman.

You may be frustrated with the disparity between your potential and what you experience in everyday life.

A new kind of feminine power that embraces the nature of the feminine and respects her qualities of love, understanding, creativity, intuition, compassion, equally with her ability to authentically success and thrive in the world, is being called forth. 

This woman of wisdom flows naturally with her unique frequency, using all her skills and abilities in harmony with her whole being.

There comes a time in each woman’s life when she hears the whispers of her intuition calling. 

Are you listening? Can you hear her? 

If you hear her calling and you would like to understand more, then I am here to help. Get in touch with me, and I will share my experiences, knowledge, and insights with you. Book a 30minute complimentary soul chat


You have seen her. She walks into the room with a stride that draws your attention. Her charisma is magnetic. She greets everyone with grace and ease, not because she is beautiful or has a position, but because she loves being her. 

She owns her Wisdom and her feminine power, and she radiates greatness without saying a word.

She is just like you and me; she has struggled, felt heartache, been contained by beliefs, conditioning, and the voice of her inner critic. She has learnt to value her vulnerability, her greatness, her quirkiness and her gnarly bits. 

She is a woman of Wisdom.

A woman just like you.


Many female life transitions go unnoticed, unrecognised and without due respect, leaving our soul quietly yearning to complete unfulfilled initiations.

This rite of passage activates the known and unknown forces calling forth to be witnessed and validated. Each ritual is a unique reflection of a women’s fine wiring and divine essence.

It can be challenging to witness your life through a lens of truth, but when you do. Your experience lights up your most authentic self, and you find yourself to be a woman of wisdom. 

If you feel a yearning and want to know more. I can help.
Express your interest for 2024 and learn about specifics early.


Women’s Wisdom Retreat evolved from my many years of journeying with ritual and wanting to share this potent medicine with as many women as possible.

Like all rites of passage, Women’s Wisdom marks a transition from one state to another. While most synonymous with the transition from girl to woman, woman to crone, there are many stages in life when a rite of passage will transcend the mind’s limits, bring profound healing and ignite great wisdom.

I believe our feminine nature’s power and the ancestral wisdom of our foremothers flows through each of us and radiates from women who are willing to take the journey home to self.  


Each woman will take a rite of passage, a sacred journey in her unique way.

This ritual is an act of claiming and has its alchemy in the soul’s movement beyond the limits of the mind. 

It begins with a surrender to the truth, followed by unravelling what no longer serves the woman’s greatest good and a shift into claiming the authentic woman home. 

Each woman’s rite is witnessed by the sisterhood and validated by the impulses we collectively share. 

The transition, for some, can ignite feelings of fear, uncertainty as the conscious mind scrambles to make sense of what is real and possible.

There is no fluff, no crystal ball, no universe doing it for you and no walking away discombobulated. It is a compelling discovery and freedom journey that removes blind spots and allows untapped Wisdom to rise.

It is a beautiful, safe and sacred space free of judgement, comparison, and competition. This sacred ritual connects women to the source of their feminine Wisdom and elemental power and to each other in a meaningful way. 

Women’s Wisdom is a fully catered residential event; numbers are limited to 12 women to allow adequate time for total emersion, nurture and emergence.

If the weekend’s residential aspect is just not possible for you, let’s have a personal chat and find another options. vida@myvida.au or schedule a  free personal 30 minutes soul chat