Women’s Gatherings

Express your interest for 2024 and learn about specifics early.

Live Awake, Live Fully.
A woman has a soul need to fully experience her divine, vital self.

You probably know a woman who has let her spark fade to keep the peace, play it safe, belong, achieve and in doing so settled for less than what she deserves. When you give yourself permission to live awake, live fully it is like breathing freedom into your heart and vitality into your soul.

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A woman’s soul is her spark
We can't control the weather, pandemics, or what other people do but we can control how we feel, think, act and shine. Imagine embracing, your deep instinct, natural spirit and for a time putting down the busyness, overthinking, inner critic and the continuous pressure of juggling life's many responsibilities. There comes a time in every woman's life where she chooses to

Live Awake, Live Fully or not.
Express your interest. for 2024 and learn about specifics early.

is this

You know how to turn in and touch the stillness, but you haven’t found a way to integrate the peace into your everyday life.

You continuously put others’ needs before your own needs, leaving yourself depleted.

On the outside, life is great but, on the inside, it’s a mess.

You are aware you have some great gifts, and you want to contribute and make a difference, yet you don’t know what that looks like.

You aspire to practise loving-kindness, compassion, and respect for all beings, yet you find yourself in situations of judgement and reaction.

You quickly access your wisdom to help others yet struggle to access the same levels of wisdom for your own challenges.

You are frustrated with the difference between your full potential and how you show up in reality. You know you have more to offer.

You are grateful for your blessed life and hide feelings of guilt for wanting more.

You want to trust women, but you find yourself in competition, comparison and criticism.

If any of these experiences sound familiar, do not worry you are not alone. You may sense this high-vibe journey is not to be taken alone for it calls for the sisterhood and a weaving of mystery.


This is not a workshop, seminar, or therapy; in fact, there is nothing you have to learn, no competency required, nothing you have to overcome or be. Instead, it is a coming together of women, daughters, sisters, friends, aunties, mothers, grandmothers, and everything in between.

It is a nourishing experience that feeds the feminine soul.

Together we explore, engage, drop-in, awaken, connect, discover through ritual, sacred circle, movement, dance, stillness, laughter, and sisterhood.

If you hear her calling and you would like to understand more, then I am here to help. Get in touch with me, and I will share my experiences, knowledge, and insights with you. Book a 30minute complimentary soul chat


Is a safe place to authentically be, free of judgements, expectations, and comparison? It is an accepting and inclusive retreat that welcomes the feminine’s diverse nature with the free expression of truth, creativity, vulnerability, and wildness.

You deserve this space to pause, rest, nurture, revitalise, be creative, share insights, eat, move, unleash, claim and awaken.

It is not necessary to sacrifice your spark for outer achievement. You can have both

I invite you to take a moment, step away from the noise and turn your attention inward.

Imagine a place free of competition, comparison, control, and containment a space that welcomes and celebrates the nature of women just as she is with nothing to fix, alter or improve.


The women’s Gathering was born from a desire to create space for women to experience connection so genuine and open-hearted that it changes the fundamental relationship women have with themselves and each other. In times gone, women came together to support each other and make sense of their jumbled experiences in ritual and ceremony, and that is what we will be doing.

Women’s Gathering is a carefully orchestrated combination of guided practices, experiential activities, gentle grounding, sacred ritual, creative sharing and playfulness.


You arrive on Friday afternoon where the joyful soul journey begins and continues through to Sunday afternoon.

Bring your personal belongings and your joyous spirit, and we will take care of the rest.

It is a gentle weekend, suitable for all women regardless of profession, skill level, expertise, or interests.

Women’s Gathering is an inspirational and empowering shared experience for women that magnifies love and illuminates feminine Spark.

Answer the call to Live Awake, Live Fully.

Saying YES to your needs, wants and desires is not always easy for a woman, but when you do, everything changes.