Be Welcoming To What Presence Has To Offer

Hi. My mantra for 2022 is “Uplift each moment with my presence”.


We live in a world of uncertain and unpredictable moments, and our mind loves to overthink, judge, analyze, project, predict to keep us safe, and make sense of these jumbled experiences.


Our thoughts dance between the past, wishing it was different, reliving past trauma, or dwelling on a future that does exist yet. This dance can quickly become chaotic, and we try to shield our fears from a reality that is not here, leading to struggle and disconnection from the very thing we crave most – love and connection.


Having the courage to be in, and fully experience each moment of life, asks us to be present.


So what am I saying is, being present is:

  • a willingness to fully participate and experience life’s unfolding at this moment and the next with crystal awareness
  • having all our senses aware of the exact moment
  • is the point of least resistance when our mental, emotional, physical, intuitive intelligence are in sync, focused and harmonious
  • state of being home, being true to self instead of consciously or unconsciously working self out
  • the genuine connection between our inner and outer worlds
  • having courage and willingness to be vulnerable without judgement


When we are present,

  • We permit the authentic self to show up instead of our auto behaviours, habits, judgements and thoughts.
  • We open space to be attentive and listen beyond the limits of the mind.
  • Our judgements are reduced; we are neither in the future hoping, wishing or fearing, and we are neither in the past rehashing outdated stories and unresolved wounds. We are not seeking to be anywhere but here.
  • We can drop the armour to express our true thoughts and feelings.
  • We are open to radical listening.
  • We can be ourselves, which radiates the message – “I am the real deal, trustworthy, authentic. What you see is what you get.”
  • We are honest with ourselves. When we show up as our sincere selves, we feel more powerful, real and resourceful, and can handle stressful situations with greater ease.


You probably know what it is like to be in the company of a non-present person. Maybe they are addicted to their phone, or they have little awareness of your presence or perhaps they act like they are with you and you know they are not.


It would be wonderful if presence were a permanent state, but that is not the case. We are in a constant dance with our humanness.


Presence is not something you can tick off your already exhausting to-do list. It is not a task to do. Instead, it is a way of being.


Being present without practice is just theory, and theory does not uplift this moment or the next.


When we put down our masks and let the sincere, honest self come to the moment, dormant forces come alive, and we see ourselves with love and bounty.


Be welcoming to what stillness has to offer.


Uplift each moment with your presence.