Have a bit of nothing

I am back and feeling great, although I have to admit I have had some resistance to reengaging after a beautiful festive holiday.

I am not sure what is going on, but I feel a shift  and many I have spoken to also feel it.

I hear them say…….

I have decided to cull and get rid of the clutter, excessive noise, one-sided friendships, long work hours, social media invasions, emotional spending and over commitment. 

I want more time for me, time to be and enjoy my loved ones and my life, read a book during the day, cook healthy meals, exercise and manage my finances.

I want to simplify things and focus on what is most important which means being wiser with my money, time, opportunities and relationships.

I want to create new habits and do things I love. I want to focus on my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

These words resonate strongly with my own intentions.

I spent nearly three weeks in Vietnam over the festive season, and I had ample time to contemplate, visualize and dream without limits. It had been a while since I allowed myself the pleasure of doing nothing and it was in this nothing space that I became the observer of my self and my life, and I was surprised at what I saw.

The simple act of giving myself permission to do nothing changed my perspective, so I created a new vision, made declarations and set goals. This is a practice I have done many times before, although this year it felt very different.


Because generally, I feel either confident or apprehensive as to whether I will realise my vision. This year though it simply feels like it is already happening.

Which brings me to the thought, if I can have this level of clarity and confidence now, how did 2018 get so intense?


I had created a no nothing life, running from one thing to another. I was treating my life as if everything was important, I was focused on keeping my commitments, reaching my goals, delivering the outcome, doing the do while being compassionate and grateful.


In reality, I had lost sight of what was most important to satisfy my hearts longing, and I didn’t even realise it because I was caught up in a pattern of unconscious doing.

We are all on a great adventure to find out who we are. That requires some observation of our unconscious behaviours, which in turn requires some nothing time – time to simply be and allow.

Nothing time allows you to drop into awareness and notice what is really going on beyond what you think is going on.

It is not another task or job to do, in fact it is the exact opposite.

Give it a go and do nothing, you may be surprised.

If you find it challenging, keep going it is worth the effort.

If you would like change and higher levels of clarity and confidence, then take some nothing time and notice what comes up.

I would love to hear your thoughts so, leave a comment below or book in for a chat on https://calendly.com/vidacarlino/goodconversation

Enjoy your nothing time