It Is The Small Things That Matter

We all know it, whether it is visible or not, we see the rapidly changing environments in which we live.  We notice technology advancing at a rapid rate and what yesterday seemed to be a scene in a Sci-Fi movie is now a reality.

Many times, I have read articles suggesting things like, by the time a student completes university much of what was learned will be outdated, the future jobs for our school leavers do not exist today, around 40%of current Australian jobs will not exist in the next 10 to 15 years, and thoughts like this can be a little scary.

Since the 1980’s when home computers became the norm, technology and science have advanced at unprecedented rates that it is no longer feasible to believe your current skills, expertise or experience will be enough for the unknown demands of tomorrow.  Conversations about the impact of technology, artificial intelligence and the future of humanity are fast becoming the norm.

I believe the compelling question here is not so much, what will the future be?  Which implies, we do not influence the future. It is more about, what future do you want to create and who do you need to be to co-create that future?

The future doesn’t just happen; it is a result of who we are, what decisions we make and what actions or none actions we take today.

Let’s take a moment and look at some of the small things.

Who you hang out with?

Who are you allowing to influence you and your life? It is often said to show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future.  What future do you think you and your friends are creating?

What is your everyday language?

The words we use to describe our experiences become our experiences. Is your language resourceful, empowering, inspiring, creative or is it harmful, blaming, complaining, exaggerating, catastrophizing, is it making your reality worse than what it is?

Where do you place your focus?

When we focus, it is to the exclusion of everything else. Focus on the problems, challenges or what’s not working, and you are likely to get more of that. Focused on the solutions, possibilities and what is working, you tend to get more of that.

What do you watch or read?

What you feed your mind lives out in your life, if you put in junk you get junk out today and tomorrow.

What do you do with your thoughts?

Your thoughts are just thoughts; it’s the meaning you give them that stirs your emotions, creates your language, directs your actions, develops your habits and creates your reality.

With a little effort, we can consciously change the small things that impact our experiences of today and tomorrow.

I like to think of myself as a works in progress, learning, growing and moving from one state to the next and within each state, I am the one responsible for how I feel, think and act, how I stay informed, how I build connection, how I experience today and how I co-create tomorrow.

We may not be able to predict the world of tomorrow with certainty, but we can predict the person we need to be to co-create a future we desire.

Take a moment, have a look and notice what future you are creating.


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