You have a Quest to fulfil

We each have a secret quest to find what we are here to do and who we need to be to succeed in our quest.

Most people believe the challenge arises in discovering what the quest is. Not so.

There are many people walking this earth in a quiet state of tension trying to work out “what the hell is my quest, why am I here and what am I supposed to be doing with my life?” The problem is they do not know what they are looking for. They read the books, attend the seminars follow the 3 step, 5 step or 10 step programs to…

  • Be a better leader
  • Convert clients into dollars
  • Reach 1000’s of potential clients on social media
  • Sit on the beach and still earn money
  • Be a high performer
  • Speak to influence
  • Be resilient, conscious, mindful, capable and charming

And still the answers elude them.

So, I hear them say:

I have done what I can; I tried; I am too busy now; what more can I do; I am exhausted from trying; I want to be focused and committed but life and old habits just get in the way…

The un-resourceful stories grow bigger as the focus shifts to what is not working, or what could go wrong in the quest, or how hard it might be.

The answers will always continue to elude when the focus in in the wrong place.

Think of it like this;

When you are not growing, succeeding or following your quest you feel like crap and this leaks out and begins to show itself in the most un-resourceful ways like; overreacting to a minor disagreement, feeling unmotivated, confused thoughts, an unexplainable sense of anxiousness, being annoyed for no tangible reason….

Marking time, playing small, easily achieving insignificant goals, does not put a bounce in your step, fire in your belly or joy in your soul.

Your higher-self awaits the journey of your true quest and the fulfillment of your reason for being. Unless it senses the challenge has begun it will continuously look for that something to fill the void of empty feelings.

Alcohol, drugs, more partners, workaholism, depression, confusion… you know what I mean.

The real challenge is not so much in knowing what your quest is but more so in being the person capable of identifying the quest that lays within.

So, if you don’t know what your quest is, practice being a more complete version of yourself until your quest finds you, for your quest is a journey that begins within, it is not something you need to look for or seek out.

It will show up when you show up.

Your quest is your core purpose, your reason for being, the one journey that puts everything else into perspective and it reflects who you are willing to be.

Starting your quest, overcoming the challenges, becoming the hero or heroine in your own story, taking the journey to achieve the big goals comes from knowing who you are and what is important for your soul’s yearning.

Exercise: Discover self

Just for a moment let’s make believe you know what your quest is. Choose “a something” you would like to achieve and choose big.

Now, pretend you have achieved your quest. You have got to the place you have been dreaming about for years and it feels fantastic!

What are you like? Describe yourself in detail. Don’t be shy.

It feels good to get what you want, so have a good look and notice.

What is your character, personality, psychology, energy level, key relationship and financial standing?

How do you feel, think and act? Be specific. Get to know the person that has a quest.

The fact that you have identified these qualities means they already exist in you. Sure, you might not have used them for a while and that’s ok.

Dust them off, put them on and begin to realise your quest.

And if you can’t do this alone, then…

Join us on one of our events or check out our coaching to discover how to tap into your higher-self and turn your quest into a legacy.