Are you creative or logical?

The feminine, void of masculine qualities can be viewed as wildly creative – you may be fortunate enough to know some wildly creative women. The masculine, void of feminine qualities can be viewed as staunchly logical, you may be fortunate enough to know some awesome logical men.

Men can be creative, women can be logical, neither is restricted to their gender nature and we all possess both masculine and feminine energies that shape our lives and define our future.

That is why it is important to understand how your nature influences your successes, failures, relationships and quality of life.

These qualities of the masculine…

Freedom, outcome, productivity, direction, logic, focus, confidence, integrity, control, aggression, boldness, forthrightness, power, drive, independence,  arrogance, competitiveness, disciple, strength, stability and order have dominated in our institutions, religions, corporations, businesses, cultures and families for generations.

Whilst these qualities of the feminine…

Love, empathy, honesty, surrender, flexibility, nurturing, creativity, kindness, understanding, intuition, affection, compassion, adaptability, nurturing, radiance, craziness, flow, sensuality and unpredictability have been paramount yet not necessarily as valued in the patriarchal society.


Both the masculine and feminine are extremely powerful forces and both are discovering that neither thrives without the other, like chaos and order, yin and yang, sun and moon. It is by their very nature that the masculine yearns for freedom, a state of spaciousness and the feminine yearns for love, a place of completeness. There is a constant dance between the two, with a desire to have their yearning met and this can be in a healthy or unhealthy way too.

The unhealthy masculine seeking freedom can become a runner and avoid emotions, commitment and responsibility or may become dominant, aggressive or shut down. Whereas the healthy masculine seeking freedom has a present heart and courage of his conviction. If you look with awareness you will see these freedom seekers.

The unhealthy feminine seeking love can become dramatic, manipulative and obsessive or may become fearful, needy or emasculating. Whereas the healthy feminine seeking love is grounded, has an open heart, trust and flows with ease. When you look with awareness you can see these love seekers.

In my younger days, when I wanted to be in a position of strength I would eagerly step into my masculine and unconsciously yield that power. I thought this was how it was done. I would negate my feminine power and operate with qualities that did not energise my spirt or nurture my soul.

This is taught to many of us unconsciously and from a very young age.

It saddens me to notice many men confused and unsure about what it means to show up in the masculine for fear of being labelled dominating or controlling. Or women, confused and unsure about what it means to thrive in the feminine for fear of being labelled weak or emotional and vice versa.

As I see it the western world is in a state of ebb and flow, moving from one end of the spectrum to the other  as we move towards a new understanding of what it means to be in our masculine and feminine and what it means to show up with awareness and authenticity.

I encourage you to notice what energies you are sharing with the world and whether these qualities truly serve you. In other words, is the way you are in the world working for you?

I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic of Masculine and Feminine nature and if you have any questions or thoughts to share I am very happy to engage.

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