It’s 2023


Great to be sharing 2023 with you. 

I am happy to be back on board after a beautiful, rich, fulfilling time with family and friends. 

I started 2023 with a new approach. I usually get focused, set my goals and intentions, and focus on what I want and want to achieve.

After contemplating the year passed, I noticed in myself, work, family, and social relationships an underlying need to be busy. Many people suffer stress, overwhelm, anxiety, loneliness, confusion, and emptiness. I thought to myself, I do not want to live an illusion that believes a doing life is the only worthy life. 

I require space and time without agenda to allow the unknown and unfamiliar to arise, to be curious, creative, and innovative, to feel the simple joy in everyday living and to notice my thoughts, actions and behaviours and the impact they create.

I also require space and time to connect with a deeper understanding of myself and others to fully experience the freedom of not knowing what is next. I believe having fun without agenda to achieve or produce is essential to my happiness and vitality. 

I recently went to a women’s circle, and we each intuitively chose a card. At first, I was a little disappointed with mine. It read PATIENCE, and I wanted something more inspiring. It wasn’t until I settled into the moment I noticed the wisdom hidden in the card. It was saying, ‘Wait’. Wait for the right moment, be in the stillness and be ready for something momentous. No need to push and do it hard a gentle approach also works. 

A few days later, I read an article that suggested that we are entering a universal year, which invites us to embrace the energy of solitude, self-discovery, spirituality and stillness. 

I thought, wow, I am noticing messages supporting my desire to have more space and time without agenda. This does not mean I sit around doing nothing. I still have goals and outcomes to achieve. It means I come from a gentler place of patience, stillness and ease as I journey through life and live my audacious dreams.