The Guest in Your Mind

My noisy guest comes and goes and frequently overstays her welcome. Sometimes she is fun to be around. We laugh, make plans, celebrate, and sometimes she is painful. She does not want to get up early and doesn’t like to meditate. She just wants to do nothing.

I tell her how well I have done at work, and she thinks I could do better.

I share the details of my new program, and she shakes her head as if to say it will never work.

She lifts me and pulls me down.

She lightens dark moments and darkens light moments.

She energises, inspires, and motivates me, and she does the exact opposite.

She influences how I feel and what I do.

She has extraordinary energy and impact, yet she is just a thought in my head, a guest in my mind. When I am grounded and aware, I can observe her and decide if she stays or leaves.

But, to observe her, I must first be aware she exists.


A few of my favourite simple practices to be aware of my guest:

Calm, conscious breathing

No matter where I am, I find space to turn inward and take some gentle, deep breaths through the nose and out through the mouth without effort. I keep the breath the same length during the inhalation and the exhalation.

This breathing calms my body and my mind. I become more aware, focused and clear to make better decisions.


I practice Pausing throughout the day.

I take random moments to be still, consciously breathe and notice what is going on in my body, mind and environment.

This practice grounds me and expands my awareness to identify habitual and unconscious negative and positive patterns.


Sometimes I ask a friend or colleague to hold space for me.

To be present, listen, and bear witness without judgement or the need to console or fix me. Other times when the situation is more turbulent, I engage a professional coach or therapist with more defined skills to hold space for me.


We all have guests from time to time. Some we welcome with open arms, and others we rejoice when they go.

I trust these simple practices help you identify your guest, and if you need help removing a stubborn guest, let me know. I love to help.


Love, Light and Joy

Be your inspiration.