Live Awake

In our busy, noisy world, it can be challenging to put ourselves first, be still, listen and notice what is really going on.

How do we find a way to quiet the inner chatter, let go of the never-ending to-do list and find the place where the soul speaks, and we are grounding in listening?

For me, it all starts when I first open my eyes each morning. It is in that moment that I consciously or unconsciously choose to walk awaken or asleep.

Some days I move from one thing to the next without awareness, not noticing my life and the beauty surrounding me—not noticing my emotions, connections, or presence. These days are days half lived.

Other days when I open my eyes, I set an intention, say a pray, practice gratitude, move slower. I take time to pause and notice what is going on the inside and the outside. These days are not noisy, the to-do list is not the master, and I can hear the whispers of what is most important to my souls’ journey.

These are days when I live awake and live fully.

I recently read the words of Sarah Blondin called Awake, and I was inspired. Sarah has a beautifully poetic way of lifting the veil so we can awaken the places inside of a deep connection with self and others. 

Words from Sarah

Yes, life has its uncertainties, but you don’t need to keep being drawn toward the frantic voices clamouring for land they have yet to find first within themselves. Step-by-step, you can carve the path.

No matter the scenario, truth will find a way to speak. Listen, hush, quiet. You already know this in your heart of hearts; you have the power to surrender yourself to the gentle current of life.

To love, to trust, to have mastery over your being, this is why you are here. To be in body, to learn love without condition. To learn what it feels like to hold. To forever choose the things that remove the cloak from over your heart.

Life is not fully lived, my beloved, until you have freed your heart from hiding. Life will come as it does, in waves of great joy and great despair. It will come in wide spans of comfort and discomfort. But there, right in the middle of you, is a solid, unaffected presence. It is neutral, neither fazed by the good nor the bad days of your life. It is a sanctuary from the ever-changing current of “reality”.

In the end, all you will truly be left with is how much peace you gained, how much peace you found within you. This peace will carry you through your life – no matter the praise, no matter the critics, no matter how the world takes form in front of you.

So, dearest one, sit awake before the world and before your own self. Witness and then act in accordance with what your spirit is seeing, your deep knowing. Practice growth and evolution in conscious ways. Wake in this sleeping crowd of slumbering hearts and stand as a blazing light of fire to help burn the darkness back and away.

I believe every day is a good day to live Awake.

Love, Light and Joy