In the hearts of men and women

To achieve and thrive in a male-dominated environment, many women have no alternative but to adopt the qualities of the masculine, followed masculine rules and be judged as a man, which is difficult when you are not a man.

We live in a time when western cultures predominately value doing above being, logic above intuition, outcomes above relationships. In other words, we have been brought up in cultures, families, and communities that respect masculine qualities more than feminine qualities.

Essential qualities like tenderness, intuition, patience, nurturing, flexibility, creativity, empathy, humility, love, feelings, understanding, vulnerability, emotions are not given the same importance as qualities of confidence, focus, logic, strength, clarity, courage, assertiveness, certainty, direction, outcome.

These essential qualities are not exclusive; they sit in the hearts of men and women. When some qualities are valued to exclude other qualities, society misses out and inequality flourishes, which is evident in today’s headlines.

Many times, in my sacred work, I have heard women speak of how they have lost connection with their feminine side. They feel that their feminine essence has been contained, hidden, and suppressed in the struggle to be seen and acknowledged as worthy, capable, and successful women.

This feeling is not dependent on whether you chose to:

  • Be a full-time mother.
  • Climb the corporate ladder.
  • Save the trees.
  • Collect degrees.
  • Delight the world with your skills and talents
  • Or any other desire

I have also heard this struggle expressed by men, men unsure of how to fully own their power and embrace their masculine nature because they are shamed by what men have done to women, so they relate their masculine nature as something negative.

Both men and women, to varying degrees, carry the pain and burden of generations of unhealthy dominant behaviour.

I was part of a conversation that rattled the sentiment. It’s time for feminine power, It’s time for the woman to rule, and as much as I understand the good intention of this desire, I cannot in my heart support it.

Humanity will NOT flourish from suppressing the masculine as it has suppressed the feminine. It will only come to flourish when we learn to value and embrace both our feminine and masculine qualities.

Each of us has an extraordinary role to play in creating understanding and unity in the world, and it starts with creating harmony in our hearts, homes, schools, workplaces, communities.

We can improve the lives of women and men in this generation and generations to come. When together, we value our unique and essential qualities.

So, what if today you practiced a quality that you do not naturally express

Patience, listening, being present, decisiveness, trust, vulnerability, responsibility, confidence, speaking up, standing back… the choice is limitless.

Give it a go. You may be surprised by what you discover.

Love, Light and Joy