Unveiling the Self

Life is like a meandering river, taking us through twists and turns, ebbs and flows, ups and downs. For many women, it’s a journey marked by myriad roles and duties – nurturing children, being a taxi driver, tending to aging parents, building careers, and managing households. But for most, there comes a time when the circumstances change, kids grow up, careers alter, and for the first time in many years, you have space to think about yourself. Now, this can be a daunting experience and very unfamiliar. Imagine hearing your voice whisper, What do you really want? And you reply, I don’t know. This is a space I have been in several times, and I have found it to be an awesome opportunity for self-discovery.

This space asks us to surrender to the unknown, open our minds and hearts, and remember who we are. To put down our judgements, criticisms, comparisons and all that we think we know and allow the unencumbered self to be revealed. I know this can be scary when we see beyond our identity and status, but when we do, we tap into a renewed understanding of the path we have journeyed and the women we have become.

Perhaps you have domesticated your passions and desires so much that they lay quietly in the background, out of mind and out of sight. Now, dear one, this moment is to ignite those flames. Remember what fuelled your spirit before other obligations took over. It could be a brush stroke, the nurturing of a garden, a dance of words, the rhythm of movement, or the silence of stillness. It may be a new project, endeavour, or adventure. Whatever it is, immerse yourself in what you love; this simple act amplifies your greatness.

In this dance of self-discovery, give your self-permission to move forward with ease and grace. This journey is not a linear project with a critical outcome. It is instead a gentle and natural unfolding of your feminine nature, outpouring kindness, and compassion to our soul.

I like to turn inward, ask myself questions, write, doddle, walk in nature, sit quietly, and integrate my discovery. I ask questions like:

  • How might my life be different if I was? more energetic, kinder, confident, spiritual, focused, loving, healthy, etc.
  • What lifts my spirit, and what drains my spirit?
  • How do I want to be? How do I want to show up for myself and my loved ones?
  • What do I love about me? What do I not love about me?
  • How well do I allow joy, excitement, inspiration, laughter, and love to consume me?


Play and explore what questions you may ask to unveil the hidden you. It is liberating to reconnect with the most genuine essence of our being, to rekindle our passions, and to deepen our connection and understanding with the wonderous being that has forever resided within.